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New Week

Hey, Sorry I havent updated lately but my life has been a little hectic and I haven't had much time for stitching. But I did go to a monthly stitching afternoon that we have. And as always it was great to sit, stitch and talk with other stitchers. The great thing about having online groups… Continue reading New Week

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Weekly update 17/08/18

Hey, So this week I haven't done to much stitching. I have been super busy decluttering, sorting and packing books because we are moving in october. Yes I know crazy to start packing already. But my logic is that if I am already pulling out all of the books and sorting them to donate some.… Continue reading Weekly update 17/08/18

Craft, Cross stitch, xstitch

Weekly update

Hey, So I thought I would post my weekly update today. I have still been stitching exclusively on the Flapper. And this week I have almost finished the top page/s (Its printed on two A3 pages) Just the metallic stitches left, oh and the beading. I have worked out a system for stitching that works… Continue reading Weekly update