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New Week


Sorry I havent updated lately but my life has been a little hectic and I haven’t had much time for stitching. But I did go to a monthly stitching afternoon that we have. And as always it was great to sit, stitch and talk with other stitchers.

The great thing about having online groups and meet ups is how nice everyone is. I posted asking which of the spotlights or lincrafts in Adelaide have the best dmc range because somehow I managed to lose a thread from my current wip. And two people offered to bring the colour I needed.

Well today I went to the Adelaide Show and loved looking at the cross stitch submissions and they looked amazing. I knew one person who entered and sadly didn’t win and kind of knew another person who did win. I just loved looking at the amazing submissions and hopefully next year I will submit one of my projects.




I also bought a huge container of pure beeswax and I am planning on making my own thread conditioners and some moisturizer. Fingers crossed they both work out well. I will keep you all posted on the thread conditioner.



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