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Weekly update


So I thought I would post my weekly update today. I have still been stitching exclusively on the Flapper. And this week I have almost finished the top page/s (Its printed on two A3 pages) Just the metallic stitches left, oh and the beading.


I have worked out a system for stitching that works for me. I stitch cross country mostly and I dont really grid. So I usually stitch one colour in a section (I don’t like traveling to far, about 6 stitches is my max) and then base my next colours off that.

But for this project I am doing a combo of cross country and parking. I work on one symbol and if the is the same symbol close by I only stitch half the last stitch and attach the needle and thread to my grime guard. Then move on mtor the next symbol. I’m not going row by row or in a 10 by 10 square, I am following the colour as much as possible until I get to a section that doesn’t have any stitches and parking and working on a few other colours.


This is just a random bunch of symbols from a pattern creator app. So as an example I start of stitching the M symbol and when I get to the one I circled I leave it as a half stitch and work on th weird V with a 4 symbol. Añd then go back to the M.

For me this is working great and I havent been making mistakes (knock on wood).I labeled a little pin cushion with masking tape and threaded a dozen needles, so I can just grab the next colour.



I also asked one of the facebook groups advice on using metallic thread, because I have only only done a little backstitching with the metallics before. And I have never done full stitches with it before. So I was worried that the Q -Snap might damage the threads. Well everyone said that it shouldn’t but someone told me that they use paper kitchen towel between the fabric and the Q -Snap, because it offers some protection but is not as thick as felt and the tension doesn’t change. I think it works well. I love being able to use social media to be able to chat and ask advise from other stitchers.




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