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Stitchy Mail and fabric

Hey everyone,

So today I got stitchy mail – some gorgeous fabric I ordered four freaking months ago.

So I got “When Mermaids Cry”, (28 count, opal Luguna – so sparkly) this one I am planning on stitching Peacock and Figs “Mermaid Tails” SAL (have been dying to start this one).

“Golden Touch” (28 count luguna) – I had planned on stitching Joan Elliot’s 1920’s flapper on this one but ended up using “Bali Sunset” from Polstitches instead. So for now this one goes into the stash.


The last one that I got today is “Dark Side of the Moon” (14 count aida). I am thinking that I may do Joan Elliot’s Medival Lady on it but I’m not sure.20180802_143058

All three of the fabrics posted above are from Colour Cascades Fabric an Australian business based in Perth.

In my stash I have “Phantom” (28 count lugana) from Picture this Plus fabrics. It is very much in the galaxy style that is so popular at the moment. This one I am planning on stitch Joan Elliot’s Enchanded Aurora. The pink and yellow fabric is “Bali Sunset” and the darker fabric is “Phantom”



Then I have “Purple Heart” (28 count¬†Jobelan) also from Colour Cascades fabric and I am stitching Glendon Place’s Castle Le Creep. Which I have kitted out and am planning on starting sometime soon.


Then I have a piece of fabric from Colour Cascades that was misdye. it’s pretty and it is 32 count luguna.


The last piece I have is also from colour cascades and it is the fabric of the month called “Angel of the Morning” (Opal 28 count Luguna).



You can also purchase Polstitches and Picture this Plus fabric, some Peacock and Fig and Glendon Place patterns from JK’s Cross Stitching supplies on facebook.

How pretty are these fabrics? I cant wait to stitch on jb them.



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