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The Damm Frog

Hey Everyone,

So yesterday I was stitch a small section of Joan Elliot’s 1920’s flapper, and by small I mean 44 stitches and 4 colours.


Yep that tiny section of green caused me so much trouble.
I stitched the first colour and no issue, moved onto the second colour and it had a few half stitches. Well somewhere as I stitched I made a mistake and didn’t noticed it. Moved onto another colour stitch about a dozen stitches and noticed the mistake so I ripped the stitches out and checked again. I didn’t see the mistake so I stitched the third colour again and again made another mistake.
I still couldn’t see where I had made the mistake so I ripped the whole lot out and started again. By now I’m annoyed but managed to stitch the three colours without a mistake. Third times a charm right?
Well I moved onto another colour and ended up having to rip those stitches out and tried again. I ended having to rip out one of the first three colours again.
And finally after 5 attempts and almost 2 hours I finally got it right. So frustrating but I picked it back up today and so far the frog is gone.

Well it just goes to show that we all make mistakes and sometimes it takes several attempts to get it right.



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