Craft, Cross stitch

Hard at work

Hey Everyone,

So this week I have been working on two baby bibs for a family friend. The first one was quite easy I combined two different free pattern to make it. I think it turned out quite good in the end and I am happy with it. I think it looks cute.  20180727_101159

It also fits in with one of the hobbies that the new mum and dad have.

But with the second bib I have had some trouble, I couldn’t find either a paid pattern or a free one that I liked. So I tried my hand at kinda freestyling a pattern and it turned out okay. I like it enough but I dont love it. But That is how you learn.


It’s cute enough but I feel like it is missing something. So for now I have posted in a couple of facebook groups asking other cross stitches for advice. That is one of the great things about the cross stitch community people almost always willing to help and offer support.

Well bye for now.



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