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A New Australian Source for Charts

So exciting to see JK’s Cross Stitching Supplies getting more recognition. Janet, Karen and their minions work so hard to make sure that Australians and New Zealanders have access to affordable cross stitching supplies.

Janet has a fantastic range of patterns, kits, tools and accessories, fabric and threads, all at a great price.

So if you are in Australia and New Zealand check her out of facebook at

Joan Elliott

Announcing a Winner

I am excited to announce that I have a new source for my chartpacks for those of you in “The Land Down Under”! Now all of you in Australia and New Zealand can order directly from Janet Nunn at JKs Cross Stitching supplies. She will be offering my usual black & white chartpacks and I have also decided to offer color charts by request. This new alliance will allow you to order directly from JKs and avoid the high postage costs you have to pay when ordering from me here in the States.

You will find JKs Cross Stitching Supplies on Facebook at this link:

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