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So I thought I should introduce myself.

So firstly my name is Stephanie and I am from Australia. I am fairly new to the world of cross stitching and embroidery. I started around August last year (2017) with a kids kit from my local spotlight and feel in love.

Found another kit that I liked and finished it with in a month.

Since then I have completed a range of patterns. From simple kits to more complex patterns that I have kitted up myself. Most of the patterns I have completed have been gifts for friends and family. I love kits but I also love finding an amazing pattern and them kitting it up myself.

My favourite piece that I have finished so far is Beauty and the Beast by Dimensions. I stitched this for a friends daughter.


I also love the Get Ducked pattern from Peacock and Fig I stitched for my childhood friend. Even though I can see the mistake no one else can. 


Recently I have gotten into hand dyed fabric and I love it. They just add a nice element to a pattern. I have also moved on from aida to evenweave and I have to say my preference is 28 count evenweave over to 2.

Currently I am working on three pieces: Canal Drive by Mystic Stitch – which is the first full coverage piece I have done. It is a large piece, its 28.5 by 19 inches on 14 count aida.


And it is all for me – it is the type of artwork I have always loved and can’t wait to hang it on my wall.

The second piece is also for me it is Miserable Cow from Peacock and Fig I have made some changes – using coloured evenweave, hand dyed floss and sparkly thread.


The last piece I am working on is for my mother in law It is Joan Elliot’s 1920’s flapper. The moment I saw this I knew I needed to stitch it for my mother-in-law as it looks like Phryne Fisher from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and my mother-in-law absolutely loves the books and the TV show. I love it is such a joy to stitch and it is looking beautiful.


Well bye for now


2 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Hi Stephanie. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed your visit. I look forward to seeing more of your blog. Your JE Flapper is looking beautiful! Love the fabric you chose for her. I am looking forward to seeing you stitch the Mystic Stitch piece. So pretty.


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