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Cross Stitch Terminology


So I thought I would post a list of the different terms used on facebook, blogs and youtube videos to help any newbies out

BAP – Big Ass Project

Blending/Tweeding – mixing a strand (or more depending on the pattern) of two different colours

Confetti – Single stitches of one colour spread out throughout a section of a pattern

Cross Country – Finishing one colour of stitches that are far away from each other without ending the thread on the back of the project

FFO – finally finished object

Floss Toss – When you take the threads for a pattern and toss them onto a fabric to decide if the colour of the fabric is the right colour

Frog – the sound (rip it, rip it) when ripping out threads. Or when the frog visits (aka you keep making mistakes)

Frogging – unpicking a mistake

Grime Guard – a piece of fabric with elastic in it to protect your cross stitch from getting dirty

Gridding – Putting lines, either drawing them on using a fabric pen (air or water removable), fishing line or sulky metallic thread and marking squares of fabric usually by 10

HAED – Heaven and Earth Designs

Haul – Cross Stitching purchases

LNS – Local Needlework Shop

Needle Minder/Needle Nanny – a pair of magnets, with one side being decorative, that is attached to your fabric which you rest on.

Parking – Parking your threads in cross stitch is a technique where you leave your unfinished strings hanging on the front of your project.

ORTS – Old Raggedy threads or orphaned random threads

RAK – Random act of kindness

Railroading – placing your needle between 2 strands of thread before pulling it through the fabric causing your stitches to life latter

SABLE – Stash acquired beyond life expectancy

SAL – Stitch along. A SAL usually last for a few months or a year where you get part of the pattern every month or every couple of weeks and you stitch it part by part

SEX – Stash enhancement experience

SINS – Stuff I’ll never stitch

Stash – Cross Stitching supplies already owned

UFO – Unfinished object

WDW – Weeks Dye Work threads

WIP – Work in progress



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